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A Trip To Chateau Moulin

The time had arrived for our long-awaited French trip to chateau moulin., At precisely 4.20 am I woke up on the day of our trip, bear in mind we were only due to set off at dinnertime, the excitement was unbearable. First things first were to get the kids ready and drop the kids […]


So since taking over from Daluco baits and producing the A-Force boilie at Perfected Particles. The bait is still producing the goods to a number of our anglers. Take for example Matthew Oneil, visited the bluebell lakes complex and fished on sand martin over the weekend, he came and collected 4kg of A-Force and a tub […]


BOILIE RANGE COMING SOON !!! Some of you may know who Daluco baits are especially if you are a Northern lad but we will be buying him out and taking over from Les and the best news from it is we are keeping his devastating boilie mixes going. Why may you ask? One simple reason […]

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