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Preparing particles for carp fishing If you have ever wondered how to prepare particles for carp fishing this is how we recommend to do them  Particle Product Soak (hours) Boil (minutes)French Maize 24 30 Hemp Seed     24 30 Buck Wheat 6 10 Jumbo Tiger Nuts 24 45 Chick Peas 18        30 Maple […]

Why do people go fishing ?

So why do people go fishing? is it spending time in the beautiful outdoor scenery, the calming sound of the water lapping against the bank, the feelings of accomplishment when you reel in a personal best fish — there are probably more reasons to go fishing than you ever realized. Fishing newbies and experienced anglers […]

A trip to windmill lakes fishery France

An awesome week at windmill lakes in France last week, with 6 out of 7 of us coming away with new PB’s! The trip started of fairly slowly for myself, and with some very high temps expected, I feared the worst. After a few small changes to the rigs, and a change to my […]

Perfected particles review

by Jon Neafcy I first met James ‘Coady’ the proprietor of Perfected Particles quite a few years ago now when we were both fishing the same local water. We got chatting and have been friends since, I use his bait service for my carp fishing but also for my big river fishing for Barbel. Having […]

A Red letter session on the mere.

After what felt like a long week at work I was itching to get the rods out somewhere, so I grabbed the kids from school after leaving work and went home to pack for the weekend ahead. With 10kg of maize and about 4kg of Tange-squid and 2kg of A-Force at my disposal, I was […]

Short session success-2018

Well I was sat at home wondering what to do with my self. Time was getting on. So I decided to do a quick over nighter. So let’s get the gear and food sorted . By the time everything was loaded and in the car. And the 40mile trip to the lake was complete . […]

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