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Perfected particles review

by Jon Neafcy

I first met James ‘Coady’ the proprietor of Perfected Particles quite a few years ago now when we were both fishing the same local water.

We got chatting and have been friends since,

I use his bait service for my carp fishing but also for my big river fishing for Barbel.

Having formally wrote chapters in angling books and numerous articles in various angling magazines, and been sponsored by / a consultant for several companies in the past, for various reasons most of my fishing now is done ‘under the radar’.

Coady asked me for an open and honest review of his products and I agreed, so here goes I find the products to be first class, having fished all over the world for many different species, as with any type of fishing fresh bait is always best, Coadys bait is freshly made to order, vacuumed packed so freshness is guaranteed.

I’ve seen first-hand the parti mix being cooked up to perfection at Coadys premises. Working full time I do not have time to cook my own bait up, so buy pre prepared.

When you find a good bait often you don’t need to change, I find the ‘parti mix’ especially good for the big rivers, it has a good consistency which binds in great with pellets on the feeder & gets the bait down to the river bottom quickly.

I’ve taken many, many double figure Barbel to 15.02 using this in my swim feeders & bonus Chub to 6.14. I’ve also used Coadys bait for my carp fishing taking Carp to over 30+ (which are still big fish here in the North West).

I was interested to see when the range expanded to boilies, taking over a well-known local bait maker who retired.

The ‘A force’ is an old school red fishmeal mix that keeps on catching, ‘Tange Squid’ is another timeless classic, if it’s not broke don’t try to fix it! The ever increasing range of accompanying pop ups and glugs continue to compliment the range.

Last year some mates north of the border wanted a go at carp fishing, armed with tange squid & parti mix we fished a Lancashire water, my two mates both had their first 20+ carp, a 25lb 12oz mirror & a fine 20+ Common. Would they have achieved this on another shop bought shelf life bait I doubt it.

Most recently I’ve used the ‘Kudos’ paste with great success to wrap around my boilies for my river fishing which certainly seems to enhance and give you an edge.

Often people in any industry can lose a little enthusiasm with time, however I find Coady to be infexiously enthusiastic about fishing whilst working full time in the industry. If you’re looking for good quality, fresh bait at an affordable price & professional service give perfected particles a go.

All the best

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Jon Neafcy

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